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EXPO Keynote Speakers

    Mike Taigman, AMR Medicine
   Mike Taigman is an internationally recognized leader in emergency medical services. He’s worked with systems in 48 of the United States, most of the Canadian provinces, Israel, Palestine, Australia, Tasmania, and throughout Europe. Mike’s published over 500 articles in professional journals, has lectured at conferences worldwide and serves an assistant professor in the Graduate Department of Emergency Health Services at the University of Maryland Baltimore County. For the last twenty five years he’s focused his efforts on quality/performance improvement in healthcare. He’s an Improvement Advisor with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and a Six-Sigma Black Belt. Mike lives in California with his family, where he serves as General Manager for AMR’s Ventura County Paramedic System.                                                                                                    
        Scott Bolleter, BS, EMT-P
   Scotty Bolleter is a respected clinician, well know lecturer and published researcher - best known in emergency medicine for his clinical candor. He is responsible for the Office of Clinical Direction and Centre for Emergency Health Sciences in Spring Branch Texas where he manages the clinical aspects of EMS operations and directs the Centre’s multidisciplinary education, training, and research work. He has been involved in emergency medicine for over thirty years with his name appearing on numerous patents in emergent, oncologic and orthopedic medicine. He has directed global education, coordinated research and assisted with the regulatory clearance of numerous devices and procedures in use today. His resume includes flight, faculty and supervisory rolls with those efforts taking him throughout the United States and around the world. His presentations, research, publication and accomplishments can be found in magazines, journals, textbooks and videos. Awards include the Texas 2011EMS Educator and 2000 EMS Person of the Year; the EMS Associates of Utah 1999 Humanitarian Award, and 1992 Recognition for efforts in pediatrics from The Texas Commissioner of Health.    

       Bob Page, BAS, NREMT-P, CCEMT-P, NCEE
   Bob Page is an internationally known speaker, instructor, author and paramedic. He has presented seminars across the United States, Canada, Mexico Europe and the Middle East. He is recognized for his energetic, humorous and motivational style. Bob takes ordinarily dry and hard to teach topics and transforms them into a fun, learning experience.  Bob has been an instructor for over 3 decades teaching a variety of adult education courses from customer service to advanced medical care. He is a nationally registered paramedic and a critical care paramedic. He is also a Nationally Certified EMS Educator. He has been involved in EMS since 1978 when he became a CPR instructor. Bob is the former Director of Emergency Care Education at St. John's Hospital in Springfield, Missouri. He was the lead instructor for the paramedic program and has taught at all levels of EMS and nursing. He has earned a faculty appointment at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County and also is a guest instructor at Southwest Baptist University's College of Nursing. He also holds adjunct faculty status at Oklahoma City Community College. Bob is also on the faculty of the University of Florida’s Critical Care Paramedic Program

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